April 24/11, 2011

To the beloved clergy, religious, and faithful of the Russian True Orthodox Church - Archdiocese of North America--mercy, peace and love be yours in ever-greater measure.


The world today is often a place in which it is easy for us to fall into darkness and despair. We’re bombarded with images of catastrophes, tragedies, financial meltdowns and stories of personal crisis. Each of us, at one time or another, has undoubtedly found ourselves overwhelmed by our situation and wondering if there will be a light at the end of our path.

Well today, we are reminded that there is always a light that shines even in our darkest moments--a light that can reach into places that we thought were impenetrable. And this light is the Risen Christ.

Just as the despair and sadness of the crucifixion was turned to joy in the resurrection, so too, our personal times of despair or sadness can become times of triumph if we allow ourselves to be led by the light that shines forth from the tomb today.
In the resurrection we are reminded that there is nothing that cannot be conquered, even death. And we find that there is no tragedy so great that it cannot lead to something amazing.

May the light of the Risen Christ shine in all of our hearts today, and may it illumine even our darkest moments.

With the bestowal of my archiepiscopal upon you, God’s people, I remain

Sincerely in the Risen Christ,

Archbishop of Minneapolis and Chicago